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Our RoadShow Plus

Do you want to attract a higher number of followers on social media? Do you want your brand to become a talk of the town on Instagram or Facebook? Are you looking for more post likes on social media platforms?

Our event promotion services can help you with your goals. Whether you need page likes, post shares, or hashtags, we have you covered with our classic roadshow event marketing. We have the expertise, knowledge, and resources to make your product or business an immense success on social media through our roadshow event promotion services.

If you are hosting a social media event or presenting a new product to your target audience, you need to make people aware of it. And what can be better than enticing your target audience by delivering a personalized message through our roadshow and providing them with exciting offers? What you get in the result is genuine likes, real followers, and shares, increasing your chances of attracting more audience and improves your business presence.

Give Your Brand & Product the

Attention it Deserves

Your brand or business already has an online presence, but it may not be performing as you expect. With roadshow event promotion, you can get your brand, product, or message out to the world while meeting your target audience face-to-face.

You may think that you can do it through virtual promotional tactics, but the impact human interactions have doesn’t equal virtual interactions. By using this strategy, you can interact with your folks who might not otherwise like or share your social media posts or page. Through this marketing strategy, you can give your brand or product the attention it deserves.

How Does it Works?

To launch a successful social media roadshow marketing campaign, we need to understand your brand, its objectives, and goals. We work closely with you to create a roadshow strategy that fits your needs and budget. As an established marketing company in the business, we are fully equipped with human resources, equipment, and tools to help you reach your goals. From campaign concept to design, strategy to execution, we cover everything, so you have nothing to worry about.

What Can We Offer in

Our Road Show Campaign for Social Media?

At TMR Hong Kong, we arrange your roadshow campaign for social media according to your preferences and our analysis. We ensure that the content of our roadshow stays consistent with your message and people like, share, comment or follow your social media accounts on the spot. We make all arrangements, including manpower, photo booth, and other interesting incentives, to encourage the target audience to spare some time to follow, like or instantly share your social media pages or posts.

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