Engineering Immersive Touch Points Between The Masses & Your Brand

Road Show PLUS offers end-to-end brand activation solutions; helping FMCG & retail businesses connect with the audience & strengthen their brand’s positioning

Considering that attention spans are getting shorter by the minute, that extra  1% you put into marketing can be the difference between you leading the market or the competition snatching the customers right from under your nose.

Growing A Brand Is HARD. Experiential Marketing Can Make The Journey A LOT EASIER

In addition to helping your brand stand out in the hyper-competitive FMCG landscape, a flawlessly executed brand activation campaign can help forge an emotional bond that transcends borders and drives robust business growth.   

That’s where Road Show PLUS Plus comes in.

We’ll dig deep into your core offerings, brand strengths, and the competitive landscape to uncover the key differentiators that make your brand unique.

Each campaign is structured with the singular goal to highlight the very best of your brand. From the moment we come on board, we will dedicate our energies to help your CPG brand reach and connect with its audience while realizing steady improvement in revenue and brand recall.

Here’s How We Can Help Your CPG Brand Cut Through The Clutter

Full-Service Retail Road Show Planning & Execution

You’ll be working with a team that thrives on going the extra mile and transforming the ordinary into extraordinary. From day one, you will have absolute clarity on each aspect of the campaign. Our systems are optimized to minimize the pressure on your resources while maximizing results. From arranging the required equipment, personnel, and venue preparation to making last-minute tweaks, our team will leave no stone unturned to make your brand a resounding success.

Flexible Pricing – Elevate Your Brand Without Breaking The Bank!

Just because you don’t have a million-dollar marketing budget doesn’t mean you can’t compete with your competition. It doesn’t matter if you intend to launch your brand in a local supermarket or want to drive a national campaign to announce your arrival, our team will sit with you, devise a plan & ensure seamless execution to attain each of your KPIs.

Vastly Skilled Marketers – Work With The Best In The Business!

With over 100 successful roadshows and brand activations for leading CPG brands and retail enterprises to our name, we bring to the table experiential marketing knowledge that is second to none. You will be entrusting your business to a team of brand management experts driven to deliver nothing but the very best.

Extensive Experiential Marketing Roster

There’s no idea we can’t bring to life! From driving social engagement campaigns to executing a product sampling on a national scale, our team will help you create consumer experiences that will translate into measurable business success.

1- Food & Beverage Tastings

Cracking the hyper-competitive F&B market requires more than just launching a product. You must create brand experiences that drive consumer action. From arranging a cookout in well-known supermarkets to executing free product trials in malls or local neighborhoods, we will help you get up close and personal with your core audience.

2- Cosmetics & Personal Care Product Trials

Looking to get your skincare brand off the ground? It doesn’t matter if you want to launch a new shampoo variant or an all-natural sunscreen; we’ll help make your job a lot easier. From arranging trail ambassadors and stall setups to negotiating with the local authorities, we’ll make sure the campaign runs without a hitch.

3- App Signups & Downloads

Our team is just as proficient at helping digital brand initiatives gain traction. From getting the public to download your brand’s new app to driving new signups for a unique social & awareness campaign; our team will not only help you win the trust of the audience but will also drive engagement through creating memorable brand experiences.

4- Social Media Drive

Social is where the world is at. Whether you’re looking to make a certain hashtag go viral or want to build a hyper-engaged community on Facebook or Instagram around your brand, we’ll get it done. Our team will visualize, structure, and execute a campaign that is consistent with your core brand values and prompts incentivized social sharing by the public.

5- Public Engagement With Themed Mascots

Looking to drive footfall to your mall for a special product launch? We’ll help you get it done in a manner that’s hassle-free, affordable, and most importantly effective. From arranging themed mascots to creating a social media buzz with colorful photo booths, we’ll put up an event that people will love to share on their social timelines along with driving profitable outcomes for your enterprise.

Your Roadshow To Life!

Executing a successful brand activation roadshow requires a deep understanding of where you are now, your targeted KPIs, and how to achieve them. Our 4-phase process will make it faster, easier & affordable to hit your objectives:

Discovery – Getting To Know You Better

In addition to taking all the stakeholders on board, our crew will develop a clear picture of your business model, core brand objectives, and your expectations from the campaign.


Strategy – Charting The Way Forward

Building on the key learnings from the discovery phase, we will start developing a strategic roadmap to attain the outlined KPIs. The potent combination of our in-depth marketing know-how and understanding of CPG industry dynamics will result in a campaign tailor-made for your brand.

Implementation – Ensuring Flawless Execution

Once we have determined the campaign fundamentals and the way forward, our team will get to work and execute the campaign on-ground, helping your CPG brand connect with the public and driving consumer engagement.


Optimization & Fine-Tuning

We won’t just disappear once the campaign kicks off. Our experts will monitor each aspect closely to determine what’s working and make appropriate tactical changes along the way to deliver optimum results.

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