Turning Data Into ACTIONABLE Consumer Insights

Research Plus delivers end-to-end market research solutions meant to give you a deeper understanding of your audience & to help you identify profitable growth opportunities

Growing A Brand Is HARD – Relevant Market Intelligence Can Make That Journey FASTER, EASIER, MORE AFFORDABLE!

You see, it takes more than just putting up a product to thrive in this hyper-competitive business landscape of ours.

It doesn’t matter if your business sells breakfast cereal or is endeavoring to change the way we live with sustainable energy solutions, truly KNOWING YOUR CUSTOMER is the ONLY factor that will determine your long-term success.

From testing new products before launch to finding out why customers aren’t coming back, well-executed market research can help you uncover problem areas and growth opportunities you never thought existed.

That’s Where Research Plus Comes In

We’re a team of social researchers, data scientists, sharp business strategists, and critical thinkers who are passionate about uncovering what makes a customer tick.

Our singular goal is to help brands, small & large, drive robust growth by delivering data-driven, unbiased insights into how their consumers behave and by facilitating informed decision making.

Why Choose Research Plus?

When you collaborate with us, you’ll be working with a team that thrives on stepping beyond the obvious and discovering industry-defining opportunities.

1. Work With The Best In The Business

In addition to a thorough understanding of the consumer and market research mechanics, our experts bring to the table more than 3 decades of on-field experience. From consumer sentiment mapping to pre-launch research, you can trust us to meet any of your market intelligence objectives.

2. Seamlessly Run Research Projects Of Any Scale

It doesn’t matter if you want to conduct an in-person survey within a single neighborhood or hyper-integrated online research that spans several cities. From designing the research forms to arranging the requisite manpower and tech hardware, the Research Plus team will help you run the entire project like a well-oiled machine.

3. Flexible Contract Structure – Get Instant Access To Affordable, Relevant Research

There was a time when you needed to shell out a fortune for meaningful market research data. Not anymore! Research Plus gives you the freedom to choose a contract structure that not only matches your operational and budgetary scale but also gives you the leverage to go toe-to-toe with your competition.

4. Eliminate Unnecessary Costs

Large-scale research assignments often involve unexpected costs that can derail the entire endeavor. That won’t be the case with us! Our extensive research expertise across China, Hong Kong, and Singapore gives us the operational leverage and scale to anticipate and eliminate such bottlenecks. The result is a project that is predictable, precise, and doesn’t run your bank account dry.

Our Research Services

Here’s a look at our core research competencies:

1. Consumer Behavior Mapping

We’ll help you decipher the what, when, and why of consumer behavior. Our methods enable us to step beyond the initial purchase. We will deliver the complete picture that will tell you exactly how your core audience forms opinions and the inclinations it holds, therefore helping you discover the primary revenue drivers.

2. Cultural & Social Trends Assessment

Failure is guaranteed if a business enters a market with limited local and cultural know-how. We’ll help you connect the dots by gauging the social pulse of your demographic – keeping you ahead of the curve and helping you launch products that are consistent with the core values of your target market.

3. Retail Landscape Assessment

Brick and mortar or exclusively e-commerce, our custom buyer insights will help you spot the conversion gaps within your buyer journey. In addition to helping you deliver an elevated customer experience, this knowledge will prove invaluable in improving your AOV and the overall profitability.

Who Do We Work With?

Research Plus offers an extensive range of data analysis and market intelligence solutions to a wide industrial spectrum:

TMR Service Research Plus


It doesn't matter if you run a family-run brick-and-mortar store or a Shopify dropshipping store. The current retail landscape is vastly different from what it was 5 years ago and who knows what it will be like in the next 5! Customer buying patterns are evolving rapidly and new technological shifts are emerging by the hour. That means having unrestricted access to reliable market intelligence is not just an option anymore. Research Plus will arm you with the strategic knowledge that will help your retail business delight customers and stay ahead of the competition.

TMR Service Research Plus

Food & Beverages

Today's consumers are hyper-connected, know more, have unlimited choices, are not easy to please, and have much higher expectations from the brands they interact with. In other words, building brand loyalty is a lot harder than it used to be. We will help your brand decode what matters the most to your core audience. We’ll help your brand form a connection with your customers that goes far beyond the cash register and transcends generations.

TMR Service Research Plus

Banking & Financial Services

From increased government intervention to the way technology has shaped the way we do business; the past 10 years have seen the global financial and banking sector evolve at an unprecedented pace. We’ll help you get a crystal clear, unbiased perspective on how your customer sees your service. More importantly, we intend to put your brand in a position from where it can pivot quickly and thrive in this disruptive era of ours.

Our Process To Help You Spot The NEXT BIG THING BEFORE It Becomes A Trend


1. FREE Consultation – Charting The Way Forward

Digging deep into your core business model, and competition, we will develop a thorough strategic roadmap to achieve the agreed KPIs. Our in-depth research and data analysis know-coupled with the understanding of the industry and social dynamics will result in a research roadmap tailor-made for your brand. Call Us at +852 2111 9252 or Contact Us at sales@tmrhongkong.com to book your free session.

ResearchStep 02

2. Seamless Execution

Once we lock in the fundamentals and core research KPIs, our team will get to work. We’ll execute and constantly fine-tune each aspect of the campaign, ensuring it is optimized to deliver the expected outcomes.

ResearchStep 03

3. Delivery Of The Research Outcomes

We will share the campaign findings with you within a mutually agreed timeline. In addition to delivering the key learnings, our experts will also share with you recommendations on how to best leverage these research outcomes to grow your business.

Let’s Discuss How We Can Help SUPERCHARGE Your Brand!

We would love to learn more about your business and show you how we can help you develop a better understanding of your audience.

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