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Redemption Plus offers customized redemption gift campaigns and sales loyalty programs helping malls and retail businesses drive revenue & peak customer engagement

Consider this for a second.

An average person is exposed to 6,000 to 10,000 ads per day!

That means more businesses are competing for the buyers’ wallets than ever before and your window to make a sale is getting smaller by the minute.

That said, there are several strategies you can leverage to cut through the clutter and drive sales.

Grow 2.5 TIMES FASTER With Redemption Programs

A well-executed redemption & loyalty campaign can be the difference between robust revenue growth and your retail sales falling flat.

It will:

Drive Customer Referrals

A great loyalty program can lift your sales quickly. If people like it they will bring in their friends and family. More referrals mean your cash counter will be ringing off the hook!

Boost Customer Retention

If your redemption program provides tangible value to the people, they will likely keep coming back.

Raise Average Order Value

Not only will you be attracting more traffic but people but a well-executed redemption program leads people to spend more.

Reduce Your Marketing Cost

A successful loyalty program will create an army of advocates that will vouch for your business and tell your story to the rest of the world. That means you get quality organic marketing for free.

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Who We Are & What We Bring To The Table

We’re a team of hi-octane individuals who specialize in tailored retail and enterprise marketing. For the past 10 years, we have focused our energies on helping malls and retail arcades of all sizes develop a thriving business through customized buyer engagement initiatives.

From struggling to pull in the public to having blockbuster quarters; many of our clients have seen a measurable boost in revenue.

Our strategic approach is driven by an obsessive focus on creating modern, highly immersive buying experiences that maximize brand interaction and boost profitability for our clients.

Here’s How We Can Help Your Mall Crush Its Sales Targets!

We offer a wide range of redemption & customer loyalty campaigns. From the moment we come aboard, your campaign will be envisioned from scratch and tailored to suit your audience expectations, operational scale, and specific business objectives.

1. Point-based loyalty

Point-based redemption programs are the most popular among businesses and the public alike. Customers can score points, which they can redeem for freebies, gifts, cash-back, and other perks. Being a business, such loyalty programs give you great flexibility as the customers don’t just get to buy to earn points. They can also score points from sharing or following on social media, leaving reviews, or through gamification – amplifying your message even further.

2. Tiered loyalty

Tiered loyalty programs reward customers and offer different perks according to their rank. A tiered program is simple to set up yet mighty effective when it comes to driving revenue. You can use the metrics (such as sales or engagement) relevant to your objectives for ranking buyers.  All you need to do is give your customers a goal and they will do the rest. It drives action by sparking a sense of achievement when they hit the goal. The higher they reach the more exclusive and better rewards they’ll receive.

3. Paid loyalty

Buyers are 62% more likely to spend more after joining a paid loyalty program. Such programs are perfect for boosting your average order value. The customers pay a small fee and get unrestricted access to exclusive benefits, personalized experiences, and members-only content.

4. Value loyalty

This is great for connecting with audiences such as Millennials, who give great importance to their beliefs and value systems. It involves donating a percentage of purchases to charity or welfare programs. You can leverage this as a hybrid loyalty program such as if a customer scores 100 points, your mall will donate $5 to a charity of their choice and the donation value will increase as they score more points.

Why Choose Redemption Plus

End-To-End Redemption Program Planning & Execution

We intend to make it as easy as possible. From coming up with a detailed campaign concept to arranging the required personnel, equipment, and tech; we will pull all the strings to make sure your redemption and loyalty campaign runs like clockwork and is strong enough to help your mall score a blockbuster quarter.

Flexible Pricing – Boost Buyer Footfall Without Breaking Your Bank!

With Redemption PLUS by your side, you will get the best of both worlds – affordability and profitability. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to revitalize a neighborhood mall with a tight marketing budget or want to prepare a family-owned retail arcade for an upcoming Holiday rush. We’ll help you execute a loyalty campaign that maximizes values for each of your marketing dollars without bleeding your resources dry.

Seasoned Retail Marketing Team – Work With The Best In The Business!

From malls to restaurant chains, we have successfully executed over 100 redemption and sales loyalty programs. You will be entrusting your business to a team of hyper-focused retail marketing experts who are absolute masters of their craft and are driven to help your business drive engagement and robust sales.

Here’s How It Works – It’s As Easy As Swiping Your Phone!

Redemption PLUS is more than just a loudspeaker for your mall. Our 3-phase process is optimized to envision, plan & execute retail redemption & loyalty campaigns that not only keep your customers happy but will help your business grow quarter after quarter.

1- Call Us For A Free Consultation

Just give us a ring at +852 2111 9252 or Contact Us at sales@tmrhongkong.com and let our team know what’s on your mind. Who is the targeted demographic? What are competitors doing? What are your KPIs? Our experts will dig deep to understand each of your unique demands. This lays the foundation for a successful redemption & loyalty campaign.

2- Planning & Campaign Execution

As soon as the fundamental details are locked in, our team will get to work! We will chalk out a detailed plan for your campaign. We will keep you posted every step of the way and when the big day arrives, our team will be on hand to ensure the campaign delivers the intended value.

3- Insight Sharing & Feedback

Once the campaign concludes, our team will share with you valuable key learnings and customer insights gleaned from the event. In addition to giving you clarity, the knowledge will enable you to fine-tune and extract even value from future campaigns.

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Book Your Free Consultation Now!

We look forward to sitting with you and showing how we can help drive footfall, consistent revenue, and buyer engagement for your retail enterprise.

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