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Building a business is hard. Getting paid for your products and services shouldn’t be. The nightmare of most business owners is how to receive payments and clear cheques in the shortest time possible. Most corporate clients spend at least 2 months trying to figure this out themselves. That’s why we’ve come to ease the burden for you.

At Swift Pay, all you have to bother about henceforth is how to sell, you leave us with how to get paid. Interesting?

Easy And Seamless Transaction

We have a team of like minds who have been in your shoes before. Who have fall victim of feauds and scams. Who have lost high ticket customers and deals simply because they couldn’t provide a seamless and reliable way to make payment for their customers.

We know where the shoes pinches. And we’re ready to massage your feet for you.

Have you been enduring exorbitant rate on every transactions?

Yet, it takes weeks to process?

Well, you don’t have to worry anymore.


We process our payments in the fastest time in the industry at a very friendly rate.

Who is this for

This is for you if you take months to clear your cheques.

If you have to go through so much stress to arrange your cheques and get them cleared, you need this right now.

Our services is designed to help you— corporate organizations —who find it difficult to clear your cheques quickly, jump the hurdle.

We help you get your cheques processed and cleared in less than fourteen days.

Most times, it takes over 2 months to clear cheques yourself. This will slow down your productive.

But with Swift Pay, we help you shorten the curve and skyrocket your revenue by helping you process your cheques quicker and faster.

Plus, you don’t stress yourself.

This is the fastest you can get. In cases of emergencies, you’ll get credited in 3-7 days. Isn’t that interesting?

We know that businesses run on cash. So we help you eliminate delay. We make sure all cheques are sorted fast so they can be reinvested into the business. Without you moving an inch.

Why Choose us


With us, you’re 100% covered. We handle everything with extreme care. From your cheques to other documents you entrust us with. We make sure they’re in the the best state possible throughout the transaction.


Our sophisticated automatic and manual fraud detection system protects you fradulent transactions. We protect you against fake cheques. If cheques are left unchecked for a long time, it becomes difficult to trace the issuer Incase of problems. And that will be a huge loss to your organization. And that’s why we prioritize quick and fast transactions.


Except for a meagre 7%, you get all your money with no extra charges. We charge the lowest in the industry. Majority charge as much as 5%-10% but we charge just {your charge here}. You don’t have to spend half of your profit in clearing your revenue. It’s a win win with us.


Reach out out to our friendly and professional customer care agents. They are available to answer your queries 24/7 everyday when on weekends. They’re trained in human relation and the have tech backgrounds, so you won’t be talking with robots or figure headed agents, but professionals who can independently handle and solve you problems.

Create A Memorable Experience For Your Customers

The most loyal customer are those who have bought from you before. Returning customers are valuable assets to any business. And the most effective way to make a customer return is by making sure their first, second and subsequent transactions with you are seamless. If you have ticked all boxes with other aspects of your business, let's help you with receiving payments.

Start Now

Do you know that we can help you settle your payments for free?

Yes. You can get your cheques cleared without any fee.

If you sign up for our event management service at tmrhongkong.com

And you have a balance left unused, you can opt-in for our payment settle service free of cost.


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