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Logistics Plus offers enterprise door-to-door transportation solutions; enabling businesses to run their core processes with enhanced productivity and minimized operational cost

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Leave All The Heavy Lifting To Us!

Welcome to Logistics Plus! With an unflinching focus on delivering process efficiencies in end-to-end shipping and relocation management, we pride ourselves on our drive to exceed expectations.

From packing and crating to tracking and ensuring your shipment reaches the correct destination on time and in pristine condition, Logistics Plus is determined to offer the very best in enterprise shipping and handling.

Armed with the industry best practices, a hyper-efficient service platform, and a reliable delivery network; we’re in a unique position to help your business achieve robust productivity and cut down unnecessary operational costs.

Here’s How We Can Add Value To Your Enterprise

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Eliminate Man-Hour Wastage With End-To-End Relocation Management

Tired of constantly wasting precious man-hours on low-value shipping tasks? No more! With Logistics Plus by your side, you will have the flexibility to handle all the transportation and relocation operations such as cataloging, packing, shipping, and tracking on a singular platform. This gives you the freedom to focus your resources on your core processes.

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Easier Tracking With Immediate Photo Updates

There’s nothing more frustrating than not knowing what’s happening with your shipment. From the moment your consignment leaves your premises to the moment it arrives at the intended destination, you will have a crystal clear understanding of every step of the relocation process. Once your shipment reaches the correct address, you will receive an immediate photo confirmation from our team.

Logistics AddValue03ShareInsurance

Shared Risk With Company-Provided Insurance

It’s always a bit tricky when transporting high-value consignment. You can now rest easy knowing that your shipment will be covered in case the worst happens. We have collaborated with several reliable insurance partners to provide an extra layer of security to our clients.

Logistics AddValue04ShipAnywhere

Wide Reach – Ship ANYWHERE Within Hong Kong

There’s no local address in Hong Kong our team can’t reach! It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to transfer retail equipment and props to your warehouse after an extensive brand activation campaign or want to relocate your office from one address to another; Logistics Plus will help you get it done seamlessly while you have your coffee.

Logistics AddValue05MinimizeOperationCost

Minimize Operational Costs

Door-to-door delivery gives you the luxury to eliminate unnecessary costs at every stage of the transportation process. From shipping the consignment from your warehouse to the final delivery at the intended destination, we manage every relocation phase from a singular, unified platform. That means you won’t have to spend anything on arranging first-mile or last-mile delivery separately.

Logistics AddValue06RealizeStaff

Realize Higher Margins With Reduced Staffing Costs

Running retail roadshows or real estate showings means you will constantly need to transport equipment from one location to another. In addition to extra management hassle, that significantly balloons your staffing cost. By leveraging our scale and efficiency in door-to-door relocation, you’ll be able to get it done quickly and at the fraction of the usual transportation cost.

Logistics AddValue07AccountManager

Dedicated Account Managers

In addition to providing complete relocation management for hassle-free door-to-door transportation, we will assign you a dedicated account manager. You can get in touch with them at any point in the delivery cycle and get an updated status of your shipment.

Who Is It For?

Logistics Plus offers cutting-edge point-to-point logistics solutions to an extensive industrial spectrum with a robust delivery infrastructure capable of meeting your unique transportation demands.

TMR Service Logistics Plus

Marketing & Retail Agencies

From trinkets to large promotional equipment, there are a thousand moving parts in a typical retail roadshow or a brand activation campaign. Our team will help transport your equipment in a smooth, hassle-free manner minimizing risk and ensuring quick, on-time delivery.

TMR Service Logistics Plus

Real Estate

Have several open houses coming up this weekend? No problem! Just let us know the addresses and our crew will ensure all the relevant paraphernalia and furnishings are transported from one venue to the next without a scratch.

TMR Service Logistics Plus

Offices & Corporate Relocations

There are plenty of things that can go wrong while moving offices. Our team will arrive at your venue well in advance and make sure that the relocation runs like clockwork.

Here’s How It Works – It’s As Easy As Snapping Your Fingers!

Logistics Plus is more than just a delivery hub that takes a consignment from point A to B. Our team thrives on driving profitable outcomes for our clients through cutting-edge logistics and process optimization.

Logistics 01Call

1. Call Us

Just give us a ring at +852 2111 9252 or Contact Us at sales@tmrhongkong.com and let our team know what needs to be relocated. You can choose to leverage our services for one-off deliveries or take advantage of our enterprise accounts if you require transportation services on a regular basis.

Logistics 02Packaging

2. Packing & Delivery Preparation

Once we have your requirements, we will dispatch a team on the assigned date, at your address to prepare the consignment for transport. Our crew will take care of cataloging, packing, and labeling each item within the shipment details.

Logistics 03Tracking

3. Tracking & Confirmation

After the shipment reaches the desired destination; our team will safely unload it, and take photo evidence of the delivery. Booth you and the recipient will then receive an immediate confirmation to the shared Whatsapp number and email id.

Let’s Get The Ball Rolling!

We invite you to give us a ring and we would love to show you how we can help streamline your transportation processes while enabling you to boost operational productivity and eliminate additional costs.

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