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Struggling with mountains of paperwork that need entry and filing? Got the survey responses you need but not in the format you need them? Don’t let laborious manual tasks slow down your office. TMR Hong Kong Limited is just a quick click away. Our quick, accurate, experienced professionals can simplify and de-stress your data entry process so you can keep yours focused on what they do best: making your business succeed.

WhatWeDo DataEntry

What We Do

We provide full-service data entry to make the process as simple and easy as possible. Get fast, accurate record redemption, input form entry, survey responses, and more. We’re prepared to provide:

Say goodbye to tying up precious office resources by handling data entry in-house. Whether it’s the computers or software licenses needed, we’ve got them ready. We have over 20 computer and software licenses to develop the best custom solution for any organization.

Got a mountain of forms? Not sure where to begin? No problem. Let our experts help save time and frustration by getting right to work. We’ll provide experienced specialists and workers to tackle the job quickly, efficiently, and without error.

Business data deserves the best security. Our professionals are trained to handle business data correctly and securely from start to finish. We’re insured and have steps in place to ensure secure storage and destruction when we’re finished.

Give us what needs to be entered, then sit back and relax. We manage the professionals, insurance, hardware, and processes. Our clients enjoy rapid, accurate data entry delivered to them with no additional effort on their part once the data has been handed over.


How It Works

As an experienced data entry service provider, we’ve developed a streamlined process to handle your data quickly and accurately. Our five-step process includes:



The process begins when a client submits forms, surveys, or other data requiring entry to us. We’re prepared to accept a variety of file types and physical documents.



We’ll check the source of the data, ensuring that it’s free from corruption or any other complicating issues. Then, we’ll create a backup before we get to work.


Entry Services

We’ll perform the entry services to the required specifications, within the timeframe necessary. Our services are flexible, and we’re prepared to work within any parameters set for us.


Client Approval

Once completed, the job will be handed over to the client for approval. Any additional details or changes can be made at this point.


Secure Destruction

Following client approval, we’ll securely destroy any remaining copies or backups that may exist. This may include shredding or secure digital erasure. Alternatively, we’ll hand back any physical documents provided per client request.


Why Choose Us?

With over five years of experience, we’re skilled at the latest and most efficient practices for data entry. Our clients enjoy data entry services that are:


We understand that the business world moves fast. Organizations don’t have time to wait weeks for their data to be entered and digitized.


Accurate data empowers businesses to make smart, accurate decisions. We emphasize accuracy in everything we do.


We take privacy seriously and readily sign NDAs. Additionally, we take proactive steps to safeguard data through the entire process.


With the right hardware, software, and expertise, we’ll provide reliable data entry services every time.


Each of our professionals is chosen for their skill and demonstrated experience in data entry or management.


Organizations that work with us save time, costs, and admin resources that may be redeployed elsewhere for the benefit of the business.

Data Entry Services You Can Trust

Data entry is an important part of any business, but it can be a time-consuming and expensive operation. By outsourcing these critical processes to professionals like TMR Hong Kong Limited, organizations can enjoy rapid, accurate, stress-free data entered into a format that works for them. We’re thrilled to offer customized data entry services you can trust no matter the size or industry of your organization. To get started, click below to tell us more about your organization and the data you need handled today.
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