Bespoke Augmented Reality Solutions That ELEVATE Events, AMPLIFY Brands & DELIGHT Audiences

AR Plus offers Augmented Reality based experiential marketing solutions; helping event organizers drive traffic & boost audience engagement.

Augmented Reality – Experiential Marketing On Steroids!

It doesn’t matter if you’re executing a live product launch or holding a corporate event, it takes more than just putting out a couple of social media posts to grab the attention of the modern, hyper-connected audience. 

That extra 1% you put in has the potential to make your event go viral.   

Enter AR Plus!

By definition, we’re an agency that specializes in event marketing. But actually, we’re a group of hyper-driven individuals who are passionate about creating immersive audience experiences by combining marketing psychology and augmented reality.

The end result is an event that cuts through the clutter and delivers a truly unique experience that can take audience engagement through the roof.


Here’s How Augmented Reality Can Help You Deliver A Truly UNFORGETTABLE Event

Access To Real-Time Data

AR is way more than just a new technology. Every attendee will have constant access to real-time event information. It will instantly elevate their experience by removing confusion and offering relevant instructions as the event progresses. Not to mention, it will significantly reduce personnel cost as well.

Effortless Product Visualization

It’s always a bit tricky when bringing out a new product or an idea.  It doesn’t matter you’re launching an industry-defining product or a new resort in the Swiss Alps. AR allows the users to get up close and personal with the product. They can explore various options and decide if it’s a good fit.

Hyper Personalized Experiences

AR is redefining the boundaries of how an event can be executed. For example, every attendee at a concert can feel as if their favorite singer is performing exclusively for them. Imagine the buzz such an experience will generate. The possibilities are endless!

Stand Way Above Your Competition

Did you know 60% of the shoppers prefer brands that leverage AR while interacting with their audiences? Here’s another one.  AR makes 72% of the shoppers are more likely to buy something that they had not considered! Augmented reality makes it super easy to cut through the clutter. It amplifies brand awareness and pushes people further down the purchase funnel.

Immediate Boost In Brand Awareness

EVERYONE carries a smartphone or tablet. AR gives you the opportunity to be in front of their eyes every time they swipe across their screen. This keeps your brand relevant and you’re able to further strengthen your connection with the audience.

Here’s What AR Plus Brings To The Table

• End-To-End Event Marketing, Planning & Execution

From day one, we will dedicate our resources to help your event become an instant success. You’ll be entrusting your event to a team that thrives on delivering extraordinary experiences. We have built our workflows in a way that delivers optimum results without putting undue pressure on your systems. From arranging the required AR hardware and software to venue selection and preparation; our team will take care of every single aspect to help you execute a stunningly immersive event.

• Flexible Pricing – Elevate Your Event Without Bleeding Your Resources Dry!

We intend to deliver immense value for every dollar you spend with us. It doesn’t matter whether you lead a Fortune-500 corporation or a young startup about to launch its very first product. Our team will put in the time and effort to understand what drives your market and deliver an event that is under budget, on time, and truly delights your audience.

• Work With The Best In The Business!

Experiential marketing is our bread and butter. You’ll be collaborating with marketing professionals who are absolute masters of their domain. With over 100 successful corporate events and live product activations, we bring to the table an in-depth understanding of audience dynamics and well-rounded experiential marketing knowhow

Here’s How We’ll Bring Your Event To Life!

Executing a successful event takes a lot more than just sending out a few flyers. Our 4-phase process will make it faster, easier & affordable to hit your key objectives:


1- Discovery – Setting The Wheels In Motion

This will be a discovery session where we will sit with you and develop a thorough understanding of your audience dynamics, business model, and your core expectations from the event. Call Us at +852 2111 9252 or Contact Us at sales@tmrhongkong.com to book your free session.


2- Charting The Way Forward

Leveraging the key learnings from the initial session, we will come up with the specifics of your event.   This will serve as the functional blueprint to execute the event. Combined with our in-depth marketing know-how, this will result in an event tailor-made for your brand.


3- Event Execution

Once the event fundamentals are locked in, we’ll get to work. Our team will be on-ground at all times during the event to make sure it goes through flawlessly and to take care of any last-minute fine-tuning.


4- Post Even Evaluation

Our team will deliver a detailed report on the key event analytics. You will get a clear picture of how the audience interacted with your product. The information will prove invaluable in fine-tuning your approach on how to best deliver an optimum immersive experience.

Let’s Get The Ball Rolling!

We invite you to give us a ring.

We’d love to show you how we can help you deliver an event that not only enthralls the audience but helps your brand become an integral part of their lives.

Some of the greatest ideas come to life as a result of a simple Hello!

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